October 13, 2016 / Life

46 Lifestyle Changes For A Better You

Recently I found myself at my local bookstore in the Personal Growth section. I wasn’t really sure what I was searching for, but I knew I wanted to find a book that would help me explore different ways I could improve my everyday life. Now, I am not saying I am unhappy or unsatisfied with my life by any means but I have been wanting to find more ways to create a happier and healthier me. Because of this, I have found myself reading books and tons of articles all along the lines of “living the best life you can live”. Emotional Agility is one of those books and it was amazing. I felt inspired and more motivated after reading it, which is what led me to creating this list.

Taking the time to take care of yourself and improve your own personal well being is so important. It is amazing what small and simple lifestyle changes can do for your mind, body, and life. Because it is so important, I decided to make a list of all the different lifestyle changes I recommend in hopes of bringing more positivity and happiness into your everyday life!

1.     Wake up with a glass of water every morning. Bring a water bottle to bed with you every night so it’ll be there for you in the morning!

2.     Make time for an early morning stretch. Adding a quick yoga session to your morning routine will help wake you up and get you in focus to take on your day!

3.     Drink water throughout your day. Try infusing it with your favorite fruit! This is a tasty way to spruce up your drink + it will help you feel more energized.

4.     Eat breakfast! Don’t skip out on the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast will keep your energy levels high and your cravings low throughout the day.

5.     Choose healthy snacks. My go-to’s are almonds, KIND Bars, and fruit.

6.     Switch your coffee out for tea. Tea can be significantly healthier and won’t stain your pearly whites! My favorites are from the Yogi Tea line.

7.     Chew your food slowly. This will prevent you from over stuffing yourself and allow your body to digest better.

8.     Smile and laugh often. Even if it is at yourself, don’t underestimate the power of a good laugh. You will appear more approachable to other’s and notice that your positivity increases.

9.     If you have a desk job or sit for prolonged periods of time, get a good stretch and walk in every so often.

10. Park at the far end of the parking lot and get your steps in.

11. Re-evaluate your morning routine. Try waking up 30 minutes earlier so you are not rushing to get out the door. Use those extra minutes for “me” time. Maybe sit outside and sip on a morning cup of tea!

12. Watch the sunrise.

13. Appreciate a good sunset.

14. Read a book.

15. Read a self-growth book. Emotional Agility is a great one to start with.

16. Take a bubble bath weekly. Maybe even throw in a bath bomb!

17. Light a candle. Try out a lavender scented one, they are known to help destress and improve ones mood. 

18. Make time for your friends regularly.

19. Stop complaining. Tune in to how many times you complain in a day and try to focus on the positives instead.

20. Be mindful. Emotional Agility goes over living mindfully really well!

21. Take a break from electronics.

22. Be more in tuned with those around you.

23. Move on from the past. There is nothing worse than dwelling on past situations that are out of your control.

24. Start a hobby.

25. Splurge on yourself once in a while. Keywords: once in a while. (;

26. Join a fitness class.

27. Engage in meaningful conversations.

28. Love yourself and stop comparing yourself to others.

29. Get in touch with nature. Go on a hike!

30. Let your family and friends know how much you love them frequently.

31. Step out of your comfort zone.

32. Take a class on something you’re interested in.

33. Practice meditation and yoga.

34. Sit back and listen more.

35. Treat people like you would want to be treated.

36. Re-decorate every so often.

37. Stay organized.

38. Skip the TV and do a fun DIY craft.

39. Don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach.

40. Pay it forward.

41. Never go to bed angry.

42. Wash your face before you go to bed every night.

43. Grow a garden.

44. Turn up the radio and sing or dance… or both!

45. Treat yourself to a glass of wine and your favorite movie or show. 

46. Do more of what makes you happy.