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Holiday Gift Guide Under $50

Holiday Gift Guide Under $50 

Holiday Gift Guide Under $50 

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Hi guys! I hope you all are enjoying your week as much as I have been (: Tennessee has finally decided to bring on the chilly weather and beautiful, colorful fall leaves! (If you haven’t seen the leaves change colors in the Smoky Mountains, add that to your bucket list ASAP!) 

This is my favorite time of the year to go on hikes and take walks, so Chris and I have been going on morning walks through the neighborhood and I have been loving them! The air has been so crisp and fresh; an amazing break from the humid summer days! Cold weather also signifies the Holidays fast approaching! Que the Christmas music, peppermint lattes, and boat loads of home cooking! 

Anyways, a few days ago Chris and I got the majority of our Christmas shopping done, YAY! Yes, we are super early shoppers and love purchasing all our gifts months in advance and so should everyone else! It takes away a ton of stress and typically the items are cheaper when you get your Christmas shopping out of the way early. Plus, we just couldn’t wait to begin all the Holiday festivities! 

With the Holiday’s fast approaching, I thought I’d give you all some gift giving inspiration, keeping in mind that if you are anything like me, you’re on a budget! I am a huge lover of getting my friends and family gifts. There is something so fun about seeing a certain thing on a store shelf and instantly thinking of a specific person you know would love it. I’m going to be honest though, I do have an extremely difficult time not wanting to keep that perfect find for myself! But hey, it is the Season of Giving (:

All of these gifts are under $50, which is a big plus!

1.     Camera Strap Cover ($7.90). If you know someone that loves carrying their camera around, this is a great and unique gift for them that they are sure to love! The one I have linked here is also only $7.90 and super cute! 

2.     Glassy Baby Candle ($44). Okay, I have been obsessed with these candles for quite some time because not only are they absolutely adorable, part of the proceeds benefit a charity that is associated with each color candle! They also just came out with a Drinkers line that is super cute too. Plus, the company started in my hometown, Seattle, so I’m automatically going to be a sucker for them.

3.     Alex and Ani Bracelets ($28.00). What I love about these is that they all have different charms for different meanings or occasions. For example, when my cousin got engaged I gave her one that was associated with marriage. Also, if you buy these through Amazon they are cheaper than in stores! 

4.     Essential Oil Diffuser ($17.90). Using essential oils in households is super popular right now and it’s a healthy way to make your home smell great! There are also endless health benefits to them. The one I linked is a best seller on Amazon! 

5.     Virtual Reality Headset ($19.99). Chris and I have been really intrigued by these lately and can’t wait to try them for ourselves eventually! These headsets take you through a virtual reality experience and even allow you to play games when using them. If you have a tech-loving friend, they are guaranteed to love this!  

6.     Electric Wine Bottle Opener (19.99). We have the Oster one in our home and it is the best! This is the perfect gift for all your wine loving friends out there! If I didn’t have one already, it would be at the top of my wish list.  

7.     Ice Ball Tray ($8.75). Chris actually gifted this to himself last year because he wanted it that bad. Not only does having a drink with a giant ice ball in it make you feel super modern and classy, the ice actually melts slower! Pair it with a cool initialed drinking glass and you’ve got a perfect gift! 

8.     Adult Coloring Book ($8.09). I have wanted one of these FOREVER. They are great for passing time, relieving stress, and just exercising the creative side of your mind. 

9.     Hammered Moscow Mule Mug ($44.99). If you have a friend that is a lover of Moscow Mules, gift that person a set of these and they will love it! 

10. Tervis Tumbler ($21.38). I was gifted one of these last Christmas and honestly it is the gift I use the most. I take it everywhere with me and love that it keeps my cold liquids cold, and my hot drinks hot! I would recommend this gift to everyone. 

11. PhoneSoap ($51.29). So this gift is a little over $50 but I had to include it in this list because it is that cool! PhoneSoap first appeared on Shark Tank and is this little device that sanitizes and charges your phone at the same time! How awesome?? If you are looking for a cool and unique gift, this is it! 

12. Bath Bomb set ($19.47). Who doesn’t love a bath filled with fun bath bombs? 

13. Yoga Mat ($29.99). If you are trying to think of ideas for someone who just so happens to be a lover of yoga, get them a yoga mat! 

14. Paint & Sip Class. If you are looking for an excuse for a girls night out, gift the person a Paint & Sip Wine Class at a location near you.

15. Wallet/Phone Charger Combo ($49.95). I saw this in stores the other day and thought it was the coolest thing! This little wallet carries all your things + charges your phone at the same time! How innovative is that?!

This is all for now but as I think of more gift ideas, I will be sure to add them to this list! Do you have any perfect gift ideas that I am missing? Let me know and I’ll be sure to add them!

I hope this helps you all and stirs up some more ideas! Happy Holidays!

xo, Heather Marie