November 20, 2016 / Travel

Orlando Trip: IAAPA, Disney World, + More

Travel Update! I know I’ve been a little MIA for a while so I thought I would update you all on what I have been up too!

This past week I was in Orlando for an expo known as IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) and it was seriously a blast. A big perk of being in the entertainment and attractions industry for our businesses are trips like this one, where you basically get to go to a carnival for work! This was Chris’s second year attending the show and my first time, so I had already heard all the hype about IAAPA and was beyond excited to get to attend this year. To help you all picture the place, when you walk into the giant convention center room you will see full sized amusement rides inside, as well as any type of amusement or attractions related product you can think of. You also get to play all the arcade games and ride all the rides for free! Products included rollercoasters, bowling lanes, Virtual Reality, ninja courses, escape rooms, and every arcade game you can image, + more! Virtual Reality games seemed to be the biggest hype at the show and we even got to test out a Free Roaming Virtual Reality game while we were there! It was the coolest experience. 

Aside from attending the show while we were in Orlando and getting new product ideas, we also got to go to Disney Springs and Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! While at Disney Springs, Chris and I went to Coca Cola World and tried their International Flight of Drinks. This consisted of 16 different sodas from around the world! Some were absolutely delicious while others were pretty awful. (Stay away from the Beverly if you try this!) It was a really cool experience getting to sample different sodas that are popular in various countries and such a fun memory.

This was my first time going to Disney World and it was so much fun! All the different rides were a blast and the firework show at the end of the night was incredible, but my favorite part had to be seeing all the little girls dressed up as their favorite Disney Princess! It was the cutest thing to see their faces light up when they saw a character walking around. Aside from that, my favorite rides had to be Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. 

We also went to Dave and Busters one night and they had the most delicious food! I ordered the Shrimp and Lobster pasta and oh my goodness, this had to be the best pasta dish I have gotten at a restaurant. This is saying a lot because I am a pasta fanatic. So, if you ever go to a D&B, I definitely recommend this dish! 

Practically every day we were there we walked about 20 miles, so it is so good to finally be home and rest my feet! We don’t get to rest for long though because Chris and I head off to Seattle for Thanksgiving with our families soon and then we are off to a sunny vacation full of sandy beaches and yummy margaritas! Can you guess where? Follow me on snapchat (HeatherPoppie) to be the first to find out!