December 14, 2016 / Lifestyle

Life Update! + Mexico & Seattle Trip

Wow, I finally have time to sit down and update you all with what I have been up to lately! This past month has been so hectic; full of plane flights, work, and college finals! Because life gets in the way sometimes, I haven’t been able to do a new blog post for a while and I’m sorry for that! I just finished my last final for the quarter (YAY) and I don’t have any trips planned for a while so I will definitely have more time to focus back on doing what I love, blogging! 

When I got back from Orlando, I was home for a short few days and then was off to Seattle for Thanksgiving and then flew to Mexico from there! It was such a fun trip. The weather was in the lower 80’s and the ocean was so unbelievably warm! We stayed at the Riu in Cabo which was a perfect fit for us. It was towards the end of the strip of resorts on the beach which was nice because it was a lot quieter and perfect for a relaxing vacation. The hotel staff was amazing and every night they put on the coolest shows! My favorite was their American Pop night, where they did impressions of iconic singers. The Rui was all inclusive, so you bet we took advantage of that! I ate way too much but when the guac is unlimited, how can you resist?? I included a few pictures of our trip below for you all to check out! (: 

When we got back into the amazing USA, we flew back to Seattle for a couple days before finally heading back to Tennessee! Once I got home, I had 12 days worth of work and random things to catch up on, as well as a few finals to take. For those of you that don’t know, I am a senior at the University of Washington and I am finishing up my degree online. I will definitely be cheering on my dawgs for the upcoming Bama football game! 

Anyways, I’m so excited for this Holiday season to be in full swing! I’ve been loving decorating our house and can’t wait to show you all a few of my little DIY projects I’ve done to add to my holiday decor! 

Wishing you all the best during this Holiday season! 

xo Heather Marie 

Bikinis in order seen: Black top can be found here | Blue & Pink is from Seafolly, but no longer available. Similar one can be found here | Other bikini I brought not pictured can be found here (:

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