December 19, 2016 / Lifestyle

Holiday DIY Decorations for Your Home

Hi all you lovely readers! I hope you all are having a great start to your Christmas week! I have been busy wrapping the last of all the Christmas presents and putting the final touches on our house holiday decor! I’m keeping my promise that I mentioned in my previous post, here, and showing you all the fun DIY decorations I, along with a few family members, have made to get our house festive looking, for cheap! Getting crafty and making something is one of my favorite little hobbies to do. I love the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction I get when I finish a DIY project and see it displayed somewhere in the house; it’s the best! I also love getting inspired by something in a store and heading home to make it for a fraction of the retail price! Who doesn’t love saving, right?! 

While I tend to do a little DIY craft here and there throughout the year, the Holiday season is my favorite crafting time! Pinterest is full of so many creative and unique ideas for any type of decorations you are looking to make! Make sure to follow my “decorate” board and my Pinterest to see what different crafts I might end up doing in the future! 

Chris’s mom, Lori, has been my go-to crafting partner. Her and I love to get together right before the Holiday’s and see what new decorations we can make! She can practically build a house with her own two hands, so it is definitely helpful having someone who can help me with all the wood cutting and construction aspect of it all! I personally love doing the painting, so we make a great team! 

The best part about making your own decorations is how much money you save. The majority of DIY crafts pictured below didn’t cost a dime because I had most of the supplies to make them around the house. 

Hopefully these crafts will give you all some DIY decoration inspo! If any of you end up making your own rendition of one of these (or all!), please send me a picture and let me know in the comments below! I would love to see your creations as well as any other DIY projects you are proud of! 

xo Heather Marie

Chris’s mother and I actually made two of these cute little guys! These wood block snowmen are by far my favorite DIY craft I have ever made. The nose is a pinecone painted gold and the arms are just sticks found out in the yard. They turned out so cute and are the perfect Holiday decoration for our home! They would also make the perfect gift!

I made this Let It Snow sign out of an old pallet and just painted the words on it! I also painted little snowflakes on the sign and topped them off with some silver glitter to give them a little sparkle. ❄️

If you are in need of more ornaments, these are so cute and easy to make! Lori and I went into the backyard and gathered a bunch of pinecones and acorns and went to work painting them! Just make sure to wash them off and let them dry out first! 

I actually didn’t make this one, Chris’s sister made this and gave it to us for Christmas! She made a variety of similar signs for every couple in the family including one that said “Let It Snow”. Is this not the most perfect homemade gift or what!? 

Okay, so my mother made all the couples in the family this Snowman/Scarecrow this year and I’m obsessed with it! She found the idea off Pinterest and put her amazing painting skills to work! I love that this is able to be used in the fall as well as winter. Even though I didn’t make this, it was too adorable not to include! I also have to credit my love of arts and crafts to my wonderful momma. She is so talented when it comes to painting different things, I definitely learned my love of painting from her! 

Find a good piece of old wood and paint whatever word you want on it! Add a few snowflakes here and there and voila, you’ve got a new entryway decoration!