January 17, 2017 / Travel

Cross Country Road Trip: Arizona to Tennessee

If you all read my last post or follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you probably noticed that Chris and I drove across the country this past week! Well, I am happy to say that we made it home safe and sound last night and the trip was ah-mazing! Chris and I bought a car in Arizona and had to drive it back to Tennessee so we decided to make a fun road trip out of it by stopping in New Orleans and Atlanta. Since it was such a fun trip I’ll update you all on what we did!

First, we flew to Arizona and spent a couple days in the Scottsdale area. The weather was absolutely perfect, and it was such a relaxing couple days that were spent playing pickle ball and visiting with family that we both have there! 

From there we started our 35 hour drive and made our way to New Orleans. Both Chris and I had never been to this city before and I fell in love. The architecture and buildings were unbelievable. I loved how many different colored doors there were and the balconies were beautiful! We were also there during Pardi Gras, which I believe is the prequel to Mardi Gras, and it was so much fun! There were parades constantly and the whole town felt like it was in constant celebration! We could not have timed our stay there more perfectly. We stayed at the Hilton, which had a roof top pool and the view from there was incredible! I attached some pictures below to show you guys how cool it was. 

I also had the opportunity to work with the cutest little boutique, Classy Cajun Closet, that is based out of Louisiana. Many of the clothes I am wearing in the pictures below are from them! 

Our last stop during our trip was in Atlanta! We stayed there for one night and attended a trade show to see what new products are on the market that we might want for some of our businesses! For dinner, we ate at a really cool sports bar downtown by the SkyView Wheel and their burgers were DELICIOUS. If you ever find yourself in that area, make sure to swing by the Hudson Grille and grab a burger, you won’t regret it! The Black Cherry Cider was delicious as well. 😊 

Surprisingly, the trip flew by! I was a little intimidated by the fact that it was going to take 35 hours, but getting to spend that time with Chris was so much fun. Traveling and experiencing new cities with someone you love is the best; I wouldn’t have wanted to spend 10 hours a day stuck in a car with anyone else! If any of you ever have a long weekend or a few days to hop in the car with your significant other or best friend, I strongly encourage you to do so! Chris and I loved this trip so much that we decided we are going to do road trips more often! (Probably not as long though.) We’re thinking our next destination will be Myrtle Beach and some other places along the East Coast when the weather starts to warm up! 

If any of you have some suggestions of places within driving distance of Tennessee, let me know! We are always on the hunt for cool, new spots! 

xo, Heather Marie