October 10, 2017 / Beauty

Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions Review

Hi guys! As many of you already know, I got hair extensions! Believe it or not, I have never owned extensions before. Like ever. Luckily, I was blessed with hair that grows like a weed, so my hair has always been long and I just never felt I needed them! Recently though, I have been wanting to focus on different fun hair styles and braids on my blog and social platforms. I just love how many beautiful and cute styles can be created to switch up a typical curled look! So with that being said, I went on the search for some extensions to help me create those stunning thick, full, Amber Fillerup-like waves. And what better brand of extensions to buy than her very own?! I went ahead and got the Barefoot Blonde hair extensions in the color “Sandy Blonde” and they match SO well. I can’t even tell my real hair from my extensions! Plus, they blend so beautifully, are silky soft, and are SUCH good quality. I love that the Sandy Blonde is full of low lights, creating a ton of dimension. This allows for it to match a wide range of blondes. 

The extensions are clip-ins, which is the only style Barefoot Blonde offers, and made up of 100% remy hair. The length of mine are 21″ and when you purchase them, you get a variety of different sized wefts (a total of 10). As a tip, you don’t have to wear all of the wefts you receive! I personally wear one 3-clip weft, two 4-clip wefts, and four 1-clip wefts. I experimented with different amounts and settled on what blended the best with my hair.  

For maintaining and cleaning my extensions, I brush them out before I put them in and right after I take them out. I then store them in the (cutest!!) box that they were shipped in. For washing my extensions, here are the steps:

  • Fill up a clean sink with luke warm water
  • Squirt about 3 pumps of alcohol and sulfate free shampoo into the the water and mix it up
  • Begin washing the wefts by holding the clips and dunking them into the water, then gently washing them (try not to bunch them up so they don’t get tangled)
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Lay the shampooed and rinsed wefts flat on a towel
  • Repeat until all wefts are done

Now time to condition!

  •  Distribute an alcohol and sulfate free, hydrating conditioner evenly on each weft from the clip to the bottom
  • If you can, leave the wefts to soak for a while (an hour or even over night!). This will help lock in the moisture, making them last longer
  • Now, rinse the wefts out thoroughly and lay them flat to air dry on a towel
  • All done! 

Because your extensions do not produce natural oils like your hair does, you don’t need to wash them as often as normal hair. I only wash mine about every 15 wears. 

To wrap this up, I absolutely love my Barefoot Blonde extensions and am so happy I went ahead and purchased them! They offer a wide variety of colors, so just about everyone can find a color that suits them. If I missed any questions or you think of something, feel free to comment below or message me and I will try to answer it! Outfit details are linked below (: XO Heather

Outfit: Josie’s Boutique   /   Hair: Salon at Josie’s   /   Photos: Sarah McAffry