December 15, 2017 / Fashion

Favorite Sweaters and Beanies this Season

treehouse getaway-12.jpg

Beanie / Sweater / Denim 

Hi everyone! First off, I’m so sorry for being a little MIA lately! This Holiday season has been so crazy busy for me. I went on two different last minute trips this past week and then leave for Arizona on Tuesday! So life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately. BUT, I have a little down time and wanted to share with you all my favorite sweaters and beanies I have bought this season! I stayed in cabins for my last two trips, so cozy sweaters and beanies were a must! I wore this beanie during my entire stay at the Blogger Holiday Retreat that I just got back from – I seriously never took it off because I didn’t want to style my hair haha! 

As for sweaters, I have been loving simple, cozy pieces lately. I went on a bit of a shopping spree and snagged some ADORABLE sweaters. I just got this one in the mail yesterday and it is actually 30% off today only (code: XMA30)! I love it so much – it’s perfect for the Holidays. Another big favorite is this one! Literally the softest this ever and I love the cowl neck! 

Below I will link a bunch of sweaters I love and own – including some of my favorite beanies! If you want these to arrive before Christmas, make sure to place your orders right away! 

I hope the Holidays are treating you all well! XO Heather