December 04, 2017 / Beauty

My Christmas Wishlist!

Hi guys! I have quite a few Christmas Gift Guides coming out this week but I thought it would be fun to share with you all what’s on my own Christmas Wishlist today! These are all things that I have been forwarding to family members that have asked me what I would like for Christmas! If you have been getting questioned about what you want for Christmas and like several of the things I included below, maybe send those people a link to this Wishlist! Almost everything included is below $100, if not below $50! 

My ChristmasWishlist-2.png

Candle / Earrings / Pink Sweater / Grey Sweatshirt / Speaker / Pajamas / Perfume / Travel Bag / Blanket / Cardigan 

A few of my absolute favorite’s from above are: 

The Clean Perfume: When I was recently at Sephora, I came across this perfume and oh my goodnesss it smells incredible! I fell in love with the “Skin” scent. It’s now at the top of my wishlist ☺️

Athletic Grey Sweatshirt: I’ve been on the search for a simple sweatshirt to wear to the gym and a good “athleisure” top, so this I thought was perfect! 

Cardigan: Barefoot Dream’s has the coziest, softest pieces ever. I already own one now but love this one too! 

I hope these things give you some ideas of what to add to your wishlist! Thanks for stopping by! XO Heather