February 21, 2017 / Beauty

How To: Curled Hair Tutorial + Products Used

Hey everyone! So I finally finished doing the hair tutorial that I promised on how I curl my hair! This was a look I did before I went out for a friend’s birthday last weekend and I had a bunch of girls asking me how I curled my hair, so I decided to do a little video to show how I achieve this look. I hope you all like this video and if any of you have extra questions that I didn’t answer in the video let me know!

I have a night time makeup tutorial in the works so stay tuned for that! Also, I linked all the products and the curling iron that I used to complete this look below for you all so make sure to check those out. 

If you all want to see any other specific videos let me know! As always, suggestions are always welcomed!

Thank you all so much for your continued support, I can’t wait to bring you all some more fun content in the future!
xo, Heather