February 27, 2017 / Fashion & Beauty

All Day I Dream About Sports.

When I was thinking of what to title this outfit post, I instantly thought about the old school, classic Adidas saying, “All Day I Dream About Sports”. Fun fact, that saying actually used to be true for me. I was a sports fanatic growing up. My main sports that I played were soccer and tennis, with a little High School cheer thrown in there. Sports were a huge part of my life and I have that to credit my mostly comfy, casual style to. I love the whole idea of athleisure and was super stoked when it started to become more popular! I put this look together with comfort in mind and have another athleisure look coming up as well! While I do love to throw a pair of heels on and get dressed up, I am definitely more in my comfort zone with a pair of yoga’s on and a v-neck. (That’s pretty much my daily go to outfit!) I always aim to make my blog a representation of everyday attire, with a little flare here and there, that reflects my personality and hopefully is more relatable to my readers! 

I also included a little video that Summer Simmons (@summersimmons) put together during our shoot that gives a little glimpse into what our days shooting are like! If you all noticed, I was wearing a few different outfits during the video. Often times, bloggers gather a few outfits together to take pics in to prepare for upcoming posts! I am way too busy to do multiple photo shoots a week, so by doing them all at once, it saves a ton of time! Now you all know the secret! 

I hope you all are having a fantastic 2017 so far! 

xo, Heather