April 24, 2017 / Beauty

Beauty Habits I Live By

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. It has been raining non-stop here in Knoxville for the past 5 days or so and the forecast isn’t looking much better. I have never seen it rain this long before! I feel like I’m back in Seattle. But, because of all this rain I have been using it as an excuse to stay at home, get some work done, give my skin a break by going make-up free (this would explain why I’ve been a little MIA), and getting a little beauty pampering in! I was supposed to have a shoot this weekend to show you all a super cute outfit I put together but that got rescheduled due to the weather so instead of that planned post I want to share with you all some beauty habits I swear by and incorporate into my daily routine.

1. Moisturize your face and body daily. 

Using a daily moisturizer is so so important if you want to slow down the process of aging. A good moisturizer not only boosts hydration in your skin, but prevents flaking and dullness giving it a supple and youthful look. I use this one for my face and this one for my body. 

2. Use non-comedogentic products. 

Non-comedogentic products are those that are specifically formulated to not clog your pores. I always check the labels of products to make sure it states that they are non-comedogenic. Surprisingly, coconut oil is extremely clogging to your pores so I have stopped using this on areas of my skin that are prone to breaking out! I do love to use coconut oil on my legs, arms, and lips though! Heavy, full-coverage foundations can also be comedogenic so if you are having constant breakouts I would suggest switching out your foundation for a light coverage one! I am currently using this tinted moisturizer for everyday use and love it! I have also heard great things about this one

3. Always wash your face before going to sleep. 

I can not stress enough how important this is. I went over my nightly skin care routine here, so make sure to read that post to find out why it is so important! I also talked about what products I use to wash my face with. 

4. Treat yourself to a face mask regularly. 

I am all about face masks, not only because they are so good for your skin, but because they’re so fun! I feel like I’m at a mini spa day when I put one on and my skin is always so soft once I wash it off. Fresh is my go-to brand when it comes to face masks. I especially love this one because it is so moisturizing. While they are more on the expensive side, they last forever because a little goes a long way and they really do work. If you are looking to clear your pores, this one will do the trick!

5. Exfoliate your face and body frequently. 

In order for your skin to breath and be acne-free, you need to help it out by exfoliating off the dead layer of skin that is clogging up your pores and creating dullness. If you have body acne, this is a great exfoliator and body wash in one! For your face, this stuff is amazing. This one can be used on your face and body, so it’s a great 2-1! 

6. Stay hydrated!

Drinking tons of water everyday is a key part of my beauty routine. I have a 24 ounce Tervis and always try to drink at least 3 full ones per day! 

7. Use makeup products that are actually healthy for your skin. 

Paying attention to what kinds of chemicals and products you are putting on your skin is really important, even if it means spending a bit more on a product. I am a firm believer that you pay for quality (most times). Recently, I have really started paying attention to the ingredients list on skin care and makeup products, making sure that I can actually understand what they are composed of. Tarte is one of my favorite brands because it is a great skin care and makeup line that produces products that are actually healthy for you and eco-friendly. Their products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, gluten, triclosan, and other harmful chemicals. 

8. Lay off the junk food. 

If you know me, you know that I RARELY eat junk food. I’m the type of person that would rather eat some carrots and broccoli over a chocolate bar. (Weird, but true… I also hated chocolate up until about 2 years ago. 🤷🏼‍♀️) Anyways, junk food is so so bad for your health and it is so incredibly important to put good nutrients into your body. By cutting back, or completely eliminating junk food, you will have so much more energy, probably lose weight, and have much clearer skin. I credit my clear skin to eating healthy the most. 

That’s it for all of my beauty habits that I live by! The biggest take away from this is to always make sure you are taking care of your skin and treating it well. If you invest in the proper care and attention to your skin, your older self will thank you forever. Also, always put good things into and onto your body! Natural ingredients are your friends. 

I hope you all loved this post and that some of these products help you all out! I am off to Chicago on Wednesday, keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain! Make sure to follow along on Instagram to see what I’m up to! XO Heather