July 16, 2017 / Fashion & Beauty

22 Things You Might Not Know About Me


I wanted to do a post that will help you all connect and get to know me on a more personal level, rather than feeling like I am just another blogger on Instagram. With that being said, I decided to let you all in on 22 things you may not know about me. I also will be throwing in some answers to frequently asked questions! I absolutely love that you all take the time out of your day to visit my little creative space, it continues to make me feel so incredibly loved. I hope you all enjoy this post and I really do want to get to know you all more as well, so make sure to say hi in the comments below and maybe even share a fun fact about yourself while you’re at it! XO Heather

How old am I?

I’ll let you all guess this one… Hint: I’m the same age as the number in the title of this post. I also repeatedly sang a very popular t-swift song on my birthday. 

What Photo Editing Apps do I use?

When I am editing a photo for Instagram, I use the Lightroom App, Snapseed, and VSCO. For blog photos, I use my own presets I built in Lightroom on my laptop. 

Favorite Holiday? 

I absolutely LOVE the Fourth of July. Spending the day with family & friends, BBQing, boating on the lake, and playing with fireworks. I love it. Thanksgiving is a close second. 

Go-to online store?

Nordstrom 100%. Their customer service is unbeatable. As far as brands, I love Madewell. 

What does a typical day look like for me?

I am currently finishing up my senior year at the University of Washington (I’m done in 32 days!), so I stay really busy with my school work. I also help Chris out with his businesses as my part-time job. Then the rest of my time is spent working on my blog! 

Dogs or cats?

I am definitely a dog person, but Chris is a cat person. So, we have a dog, Mylie, and a cat, Tilly! We love them both so much, they are definitely our kids!

Dream vacation?

I would love to visit Dubai and the Miracle Gardens. That is a huge bucket list destination, but somewhere on a tropical beach, drinking out of a coconut, listening to the waves is a perfect vacation for me. 

Favorite food?

Italian and Mexican are pretty much tied for first, I could eat spaghetti for the rest of my life but I could also eat a burrito bowl from Chipotle forever. 

Something that blogging has given me…

Amazing friends. Honestly, blogging has been the reason I have the friends I do now in the Knoxville area. I am so thankful I started this blog because it has opened the door to so many opportunities and I’m even more thankful for the life-long friendships I have made.  

Favorite makeup brand? 

This is a hard one because I use different brands for different products. But, I mainly use Tarte. They are such a good, quality brand and their products are amazing. 

Heels or sneakers? 

Ask me this question 3 years ago and I would have said sneakers. Now, I love me a cute pair of block heeled sandals. But stilettos or pumps, no thank you. 

Favorite Instagram accounts I follow?

@amberfillerup (she’s goals x128398347923), @caraloren, @juliahengel, @helenowen, @daniaustin, @alifedotowsky

Where do I get my hair done?

I go to Claudia at the Indigo Corner Studio in Knoxville. She is AH-mazing, I could go on and on about her. She did the braid in the photos above (: 

How tall am I? 

I am 5’4″. I wear a size 6.5-7 in shoes, xs or small in tops, and a 25 in jeans. Hopefully this helps you all for size references when buying clothes!

Currently I am watching…

House of Cards on Netflix. It’s so good!! I know I am late to the game, but Chris and I just caved and got Netflix. We are currently on season 3! Let me know any other must-watch shows on there! 

Drink of choice?

During the day: Carbonated water made from my Soda Stream with cranberry raspberry Mio

When cozied up on the couch: Wine – Red Blend 

At the lake: Rosé 

Celebrity crush?

@amberfillerup. Seriously guys, she’s perfection. 

What kind of camera do I use for my blog photos?

I’m using the Canon Rebel T6i with a 50mm lens

How did I go from living in Seattle to Knoxville?

Chris moved to the Knoxville area to open up some businesses about 2 years before I ended up moving here to live with him. (We did long-distance for 2 years). His family still lives in the Seattle area and mine just moved to Scottsdale from Seattle. So Seattle, Scottsdale, and Knoxville are our “home bases” now! 

Weird things I do…

– Bite the inside of my lip. I had a 4 year old ask why I was “doing that weird thing with my lip” the other day…

– Laugh when I’m uncomfortable. I can’t control it. 

– Get in these super hyper moods where my maturity level completely backtracks and I question if I’m the age I really am

Something I love to do in my spare time…

Read books. Not on my iPad, but an actual book where I can flip the pages. I also love to write. 

A blogging goal of mine?

To get to know my readers on a more personal level. Seeing my page views increase is awesome and all, but I want to put a face and name to those numbers.