July 17, 2017 / Beauty

My Secret To Long, Full Lashes + My #NSALE Beauty Must Have’s

I promised you all I would let you in on my secret to long, full lashes and guess what?! The lash serum I have been using for about 6 months is included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!! So I figured this was the perfect time to give you all the scoop on this miracle worker. I paid full price for one of these, so don’t do that and get the 2-1 while it’s on sale! I promise you will not regret it. 

Revitalash is a serum that I apply to my top lash line every night before I go to sleep, after all my makeup is removed and my face is clean. I can 100% say that I have noticed an incredible difference after incorporating this stuff into my nightly routine. I used to ALWAYS wear false lashes during photoshoots but after about 2 months of using this stuff, I stopped using my falsies and just apply this mascara to them. I have had countless people ask how my lashes are so long and full, and even more ask if I have lash extensions! For someone that doesn’t have lash extensions, that is the biggest compliment EVER. Below you will find some current photos of my lashes with a coat of mascara on them! I wish I took before photos because the difference is sooo noticeable. 

I also wanted to touch on some other beauty favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Most of these I use myself personally and LOVE them. The ones that I don’t use are products I have been dying to try because I have heard great things about them. 

I bought this brow serum at the same time as my lash serum and it works WONDERS. Since using this serum nightly, my brows have been growing sooo full, dark and thick! I have never, in my entire life, trimmed or done anything to my brows. Last week I actually trimmed my brows for the first time because they are getting so full! For having blonder brows, I really wanted to achieve a thicker, darker look and that’s why I bought this product… needless to say, I LOVE THIS STUFF. 

Again, another product I use on the reg. I love my PMD and credit it to giving me softer and more clear skin. This is another purchase you won’t regret! Both Chris and I use ours about twice a week. 

I have talked about this stuff before and strongly believe that it should be renamed to MIRACLE in a Bottle. Because that’s what it is. I use this serum nightly on my face and it has helped tremendously reduce my redness and blackheads. It also is for anti-aging benefits, which is something I have been paying attention to more lately. Another good NSale find!

If you don’t own a Clarisonic, add this to your cart NOW and checkout. Seriously. I could go on and on about how amazing this device is. I have oily skin and washing my face with my Clarisonic 2 times a week with the Exfoliation head has helped keep the oil at bay soooo much. 

I don’t personally own this Beachwaver but I wish I did. The reviews are amazing and this girl at Ulta I see all the time uses it and her hair is killer. So, if you are in need of a curling iron and want to achieve those perfect beach waves, this ones for you! 

That’s it for my beauty favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@heatherpoppie) because I have been showing you all my Nordstrom buys on my InstaStory! Remember, if you like something in the sale, buy it quick because things are selling out FAST. Have a great rest of your week! XO Heather