July 25, 2017 / Fashion & Beauty

Fitness Picks [Nordstrom Anniversary Sale]

I hope you all have had some success shopping the Nordstrom Sale this past week! I cannot believe how fast everything is selling out!!! This is my first year shopping the sale and I am in shock of how crazy it is. I currently have 9 different browser windows opened of various items I am hoping get restocked that sold out before I got to snag them. I also have been constantly checking to see if my purchases get restocked and if they do I will be sure to let you all know! For todays post I wanted to highlight my favorite workout and fitness related pieces from the sale that are all still IN STOCK. The Zella moto leggings are sooo cute and Zella leggings in general are beyond comfy so if you don’t own a pair already, make sure you grab them while they are on sale! And if you already own a pair, you know how amazing they are! I also LOVE these Nike’s and they are available in most sizes. As always, which I’m sure you guys know by now, if you like something make sure to grab it right away before it sells out! Later in the week I will be doing a post highlighting my favorites shoes from the sale so key an eye out for that! XO Heather