August 28, 2017 / Fashion & Beauty

Relationship Thoughts + 10 Summer Date Ideas

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Hi friends! I have had a lot of questions recently along the lines of how to keep that spark within a relationship and how to happily live with your significant other. In an older post, How To Survive Living With Your Significant Other, I listed some great tips on that subject, so make sure to check it out! Every relationship is different and I think that is what is so exciting about them! Throughout my relationship with Chris, I have learned so much about myself and us as a couple, it’s really cool to look back at our younger selves and see how much we have grown together! Here are the 5 main things I have learned throughout our relationship:

1. Be flexible! Make sure you are always communicating with each other and if plans change, that’s life. Go with the flow and I promise it will result in a happier, healthier relationship.

2. Be spontaneous. The other day Chris and I had the most random, fun-filled day and nothing was planned! We got up, had spur of the moment mimosas, decided to go to Parrot Mountain (a local attraction), then went to Dick’s and goofed around playing golf, then drove to a random city near our lake property to check it out, THEN decided to continue driving another hour n a half to Johnson City to check it out since we had never been. It was such a blast. 

3. Don’t take life (or yourself) too seriously. It’s so easy to get caught up in what people think of you or your relationship, especially in this social media world. Love yourself and your relationship unapologetically and who cares what anyone else thinks! 

4. Clean up after yourself. If you are living with your S.O., be courteous and keep things tidy. You are an adult and your partner should not have to be constantly picking up after you. Plus, who doesn’t love a clean house??

5. Always be each other’s cheerleader, biggest supporter, shoulder to lean on, and best friend. 

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Now that we got all that out of the way, here’s 10 date ideas!

  1. Check out your local farmers market.
  2. Go on a hike. Try to find one that has a waterfall or swimming area at the end so you can jump in and cool off!
  3. Get dressed up and grab dinner at a place you both have been wanting to try.
  4. Binge watch a new series on Netflix. We just got done with House of Cards and are gonna start GOT soon! (I know, very late to the party) 
  5. Have a stay-in movie night. Blow up an air mattress in the living room, grab some popcorn, and hit play!
  6. Spend the day at the lake or river!
  7. Go listen to live music. 
  8. Go fishing. 
  9. Find a fun recipe on Pinterest and cook a meal together! 
  10. Go to your local humane society and play with the animals. (Maybe even go home with one 😉)

XO Heather

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