September 18, 2017 / Fashion & Beauty

My First Jumpsuit & Why I’m Hooked

Urban Outfitters Striped Navy Blue Jumper-4.jpg

Jumpsuit / Watch / Sandals / Similar Purse

Happy Monday Everyone! I finally got around to posting this look from when I was in Arizona a couple weeks ago and it is by far one of my favorite looks to date. The striped jumper I’m wearing is my very first jumper I have ever owned and needless to say, I’m hooked. I went out and bought another jumpsuit while I was in Arizona because I love them so much! They are such a versatile addition to a closet because they can be dressed up or down! Not to mention, they are incredibly comfortable and this one felt like I was wear pajamas all day. 

Being 5’4″, I always assumed that outfits like this would swallow me and make me appear even shorter, but I was completely wrong! The vertical stripes are so flattering and I actually felt taller than I really am when wearing this 🙌🏼 I love the navy blue but it also comes in a white version and even a black style with white polka dots! A satin version of this just came out as well and I love it! Sooo many options and they are all equally cute. 

Urban Outfitters Striped Navy Blue Jumper-12.jpg

Also, how adorable is my stunning Mama?!?! 

Also, how adorable is my stunning Mama?!?! 

I wanted to say thank you to everyone that sent recommendations my way for places to visit while I was in Arizona! 💛 We had lunch at the Mission one day and then True Foods another. They were both delicious, I wish we had a True Foods here in Knoxville! I didn’t get to visit all your recommendations but I will be back in Arizona for Christmas and plan on swinging by the rest ☺️

Urban Outfitters Striped Navy Blue Jumper-19.jpg

Now onto my hair in these photos! The style is actually super simple and easy to do. I have had tons of requests to do a tutorial on it, so stay tuned! For now, check out my previous tutorials, including a brand new one (!!), on my YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe! It would make my day ☺️💛  

I hope you all have a great week! XO Heather

Urban Outfitters Striped Navy Blue Jumper-24.jpg

Urban Outfitters Striped Navy Blue Jumper.jpg