January 27, 2018 / Fashion

Early Spring Outfit Ideas

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Who else is ready for Spring? It is one of my favorite seasons here in Tennessee. It’s usually around 75 degrees and no humidity, which is the perfect weather in my opinion! The weather has been pretty weird here lately. One day it is 10 degrees out, the next it is in the upper 60’s! To say I’m over the cold and ready for things to start heating up is an understatement. 

For these in-between temperature days, I love layering with a cute cardigan! That way when it starts to warm up in the afternoon, you can just take it off! The cardigan seen in these photos is a bestseller from Nordstrom and for good reason – it’s the perfect length, comes in tons of colors, and is under $50! It sells out super fast but is always being restocked so if you can’t find your size or a color you like, make sure to check back!

I recently snagged this pink sweater from J.Crew and holy moly it is soooo soft. Like, the kind of soft where you can’t stop touching it because it’s that. good. The cute open back was just the cherry on top! I wasn’t able to find the same one online but check in stores – that’s where I got mine. This sweater does run large, so make sure to size down! 

Now onto my denim. These are so incredibly flattering and one of my favorite pairs I own! They also come in a darker color which I’m thinking of getting too! If you’re thinking of getting these, definitely size down one size. They are pretty still when you first put them on but they stretch out! If I would have bought my normal size, they would have stretched out and been too big.

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Some things to keep in mind when it comes to transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring:

1. Buy versatile pieces! The sweater in these photos is a perfect example. It’s not a super chunky warm sweater, but perfect for a slightly chilly day. Pair it with shorts and a cute bralette on a warmer day! 

2. Think brighter and lighter! When I think of Spring and Summer, I think of bright, happy colors! Leave the maroon and moody colors for fall and winter. Instead, opt for lots of blues, yellows, and whites! 

3. Make use of your over-the-knee boots! Since you won’t really be able to wear them in the summer, work them into your outfits now while you still can! They look super cute with dresses and skirts. When it starts to warm up even more, break out your peep toe booties!

4. Layer, layer, layer! Like I mentioned above, layers are key for these random weather days. 

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Photos x Sara Miller Photography