January 06, 2018 / Family

Our Proposal Story


Exactly one week ago, on December 29th, Chris got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the happiest moment of my life and one that I will cherish forever. I am so excited to finally sit down and share with you all how he asked. So, here’s our story!

Our Story 

Our relationship started way back when I was a senior in high school. We both actually grew up only 8 minutes from each other in a suburb of Seattle, yet had never met until I was a sophomore and he was on his senior trip. We always laugh at this memory when we look back on it, but the first time I ever met Chris was when he was on his senior trip and they stopped in Lake Chelan, where I was living for a short period of time. One of his friends posted on Facebook that they needed a place to stay for the night and my little sophomore-self commented, “You guys can stay at my place!”. Later that day, I met Chris for the first time. Plot twist… sparks did not fly and it was not love at first sight – he thought I was way to young so he wasn’t interested at all! They camped out in my yard and then left the next morning. We never talked for two years as both of us had zero interest in each other. Then, one summer night two years later, we happened to be at the same going away party for a friend. To sum it up, his friends kept asking me questions all night along the lines of, “what do you think of Chris?” and “Do you think Chris is cute?”. I was so shy that of course I lied and said no. The next day a group of us went to Chris’s house to hang out on the lake and then a week later I got a text from some random number saying, “Hey, there’s this new show called the Vampire Diaries, do you want to watch it with me?”. Can you guys guess who it came from? Needless to say, Thursday nights watching the newest episode of the Vampire Diaries became our weekly thing.  

Skipping ahead a year, and Chris ended up moving away to Tennessee and I went off to college at the University of Washington. I was determined to make things work, so I spent every one of my school breaks visiting him, including my summer vacation. At the end of my sophomore year at UW, we decided to take the leap and I moved across the country to live with him. I guess I could say the rest is history because here we are almost 3 years after I moved in with him! 


The Proposal

Chris grew up on a lake and loved it so much, so we always knew we would eventually live on one too. One day, I was scouring the internet for lake properties and found the most beautiful lot on a near by lake. I begged Chris to go look at it, even though it was a little further of a drive than we would have liked, but I just had this feeling that we were meant to call this place home. He told me we could just “look at it”, so we hopped in the car and went to check it out. As we pulled through the gates and the view of the lot and lake came into sight, I had this overwhelming feeling of joy because I knew this was where we were meant to build our future home and lives together. I could tell Chris felt it too and we couldn’t stop gushing about the place the whole drive back home. Two days later, we decided to buy it. Now fast forward to December 29th, 2017. I woke up already excited for this day because I knew that the lot officially became ours! It was the day that we were going to the title company to sign papers and get the property ownership put under our names. After the title meeting, Chris mentioned getting champagne and going out to celebrate. So we swung by the grocery store to grab champagne and headed out to the property. When we got there, Chris hopped out and opened my door for me. I instantly knew what was happening because his eyes were already watering up. All I remember saying is, “Is it happening?!”, and him saying yes with a big grin. He walked me out to the point, while telling me how much he loved me, and then got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Words cannot express how much happiness and love I felt. To be proposed to at the place where we are going to build our home and lives together is so special and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect proposal. It was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced – I cannot wait to marry this man!!

After the proposal, Chris walked over and grabbed some champagne glasses, champagne, flowers, a sign, chairs, and a blanket that were hidden earlier that day by two of his close friends. I couldn’t believe how much he had planned out! His friends had also set up a go-pro that caught the whole thing on video! I am so happy to have the proposal videoed because everything was such a blur. It is so nice to have this memory preserved so that we are able to share it with our families and future children one day. Below you will find the video of our proposal!