October 01, 2018 / Fashion & Beauty

The Perfect Shoe For Any Generation


Have you been on the hunt for the perfect, everyday shoe that you can pair with your comfiest leggings or your favorite jeans? I have been searching for a good pair of grey slip ons for SO. LONG. guys. When offered to participate in Steve Madden’s #GenSteve campaign earlier this month and after seeing that these shoes were involved in the campaign, I instantly said yes! I have actually had my eye on these before and wish I would have gotten them sooner! You can grab your own pair at your local Dillards. ❤️

These slip on’s are perfect for anyone as well – it doesn’t matter if you are in your later 40s, 50’s, 60’s etc., or a little one running around (yes they have these in kids size!!), they are ideal for any age!

Another aspect I loved about this campaign and the message behind #GenSteve , was the intent to blur generational lines and be individuals without generational labels attached. The concept of the campaign got me thinking about this topic in more depth, so I decided to google what different generations there are. And this is the first thing that popped up:

“Millennial’s are seen as entitled and oversensitive, while baby boomers are seen to have everything fall into their lap”

Wanna guess the first emotion I had after reading this? Frustration.

athleisure outfit (1 of 1)-7.jpg


Have you ever felt like your generation confined you? Or restricted you at times? Maybe with your career or an opportunity? Or something as simple as an outfit? So many times I’ve been referred to as a “millennial” and it always seemed like a negative thing. More often than not, I’ve heard others chalk someone’s attitude or life up to what generation they belong to. I know countless “millennial’s” that are incredibly inventive, intelligent, hard working individuals. I also know “baby boomers” that have had to work harder than ever to get where they are.

These generational lines that have been drawn and stereotypes being thrown around are kinda crazy, don’t you think? We label an entire generation as a stereotype, and it’s typically a negative one.

It got me thinking about all these labels and groups we’re put into and that often define us. No, I’m not a “millennial”, or a gen x. I’m just me.

We are all so much more than a stereotypical assumption, so let’s prove it to the world & just continue to be ourselves. Our hardworking, respectful, intelligent selves. Our generations do not define us 💛

I’m really happy to be involved in the #GenSteve campaign and proud to start this conversation on my blog. Sure, shoes can be cute and fun to talk about, but I love brands that put meaning into their campaigns and strive to make a difference. I would love to hear your thoughts on generational lines and this campaign concept! (: xx Heather