November 05, 2018 / Fashion

My 3 Favorite Affordable Athletic Wear Brands

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When it comes to athletic wear, I love shopping brands such as lululemon and Zella, but I also love when I can find more affordable pieces that offer great quality as well! With the holidays fastly approaching, I wanted to share with you all 3 athletic wear brands that don’t break the bank!

First up is a brand I’m sure you girls ( especially cheerleaders) are very familiar with – Soffe ! Remember those iconic cotton shorts that practically ever girl owned in every color? Well, Soffe has added sooo many cute new pieces to their line up, which have been inspired by dancers, and I have been loving them! Not only are they comfortable, they are the perfect everyday causal pieces that can be worn in the gym, but also used in an athleisure look. This cropped hoodie has been my favorite to wear lounging around the house lately! I also love the off the shoulder look on this green pullover. Both looks featured in these images are from Soffe! (aside from my shoes)

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Another brand that I have loved for a while now is Athleta. This brand offers incredibly high quality pieces that strongly rival Lululemon, but are less in price. While they are still on the higher priced side, they are constantly discounting their pieces, so you can almost always get a great deal on something! I absolutely love their Elation 7/8” tights – I own 3 pairs! You can also get 20% off one item when you sign up for emails, so if you are wanting to snag something from them, don’t forget to sign up for emails before checkout!

My third favorite place to buy affordable athletic wear is Aerie! Their yoga pants are so so sooo incredibly soft, the quality is amazing, and their prices are killer. Right now, their best selling Chill leggings are on sale for TEN. DOLLARS. Yeah, you read that right. They also have super cute sports bra’s and comfy hoodie and are practically always having a sale 🙌🏻

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So those are my top three places I love for affordable athletic wear! There are so many others out there, but I wanted to keep things simple for y’all! (: Athletic wear makes such great gifts for people, so if you are wanting to get a jump start on your Christmas gift list’s, definitely check these places out! ❤️

Where do you like to shop for athletic wear?? Comment your favorite brands below + why you love them! xx Heather

photos x Erika Bentley