April 11, 2018 / Family

Our Save The Dates!

Thank you Minted for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. (: 

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! Today’s post is going to be showing you all our Save The Dates! I absolutely love how these turned out and am so excited to share with you all every detail that went into ordering them. (: 

Right after Chris and I chose our venue, I knew that we had to get our Save The Dates out fairly soon. We’re getting married over Labor Day weekend, so we wanted to give our guests a good amount of notice before hand since it’s a Holiday weekend! I talked with a few of my gal pals that are married to see where they all went for their Save The Dates and who they recommended, and sooo many of them said Minted! Even my wedding planner highly recommended them. The biggest perk of using Minted for really anything invitation related is that they have a (life-saving) feature where you can have them print your addresses on the envelopes!! When I found this out, I was completely sold and knew we had to use Minted for our Save The Dates. The address feature does cost extra money, but it is soooo beyond worth it be cause you save so much time! I would do it again and again. I chose not to photograph the envelopes with the addresses on them (people probably wouldn’t be too fond of my publishing their addresses), so I photographed the extra blank envelopes that we ordered! 

TIP: If you plan on using Minted, I would highly encourage you to download their Address Template BEFORE typing up all your addresses. You have to upload your addresses using their specific template so you might as well just start off with it. This will also save you a lot of time that you would have spent creating an excel spreadsheet. Or you could be like me and not use their template originally and have to reformat everything… choice is yours. 🙃

Another aspect I loved about Minted was how many different designs they offered! They were all beautiful and unique in their own way which I really liked. Plus, you are able to have a designer help with your project and tweak it a little to what you envision. I definitely went through my fair share of revisions and the designer was so helpful and great to work with! You are also able to choose what envelope your Save The Dates are mailed in. We ended up choosing the Speckletone Craft and I’m so happy we did! 

For stamps, Minted offers a super cute personalized option. We didn’t end up using the personalized ones for our Save The Dates, but I would love to use them for our wedding invites. You are able to have the stamp be a photo of you and your fiancé or whatever you choose, which I think is the cutest thing and such a fun little detail to an ordinary stamp! 

Once the design was approved and ready to go, it was time to ship them! I could not believe how quickly they were shipped out and they arrived so fast. Since we chose to have our guest’s addresses pre-printed, all we had to do was slide the Save The Dates in the envelopes, seal them, and slap a postage stamp on them! We were able to do all of this while watching a show one night and they were dropped off at our local post office the next morning! With all the crazy checklists and to-do’s that come with wedding planning, the Save The Dates were actually such a breeze. 

If you aren’t looking for Save The Dates or Wedding Invites, Minted offers sooo much more than just that! Aside from invites, Minted offers art, personalized gifts, home decor, stationery, wedding websites… the list goes on. I didn’t realize how many different things Minted offers at first, but they really do so many things! So, even if you aren’t getting married, you should definitely still check out Minted because their stuff really is top of the line. 

Next on my list of Wedding Planning is bridesmaid dresses!! Stay tuned for something super fun with that next Wednesday (: Hope you all have a great rest of your week! XO Heather 

Photography x Sara Miller