April 19, 2018 / Family

Wedding Update! 4.18.18

I cannot believe Chris and I have already been engaged for almost 4 months!! Everyone tells you to really enjoy the engagement season because it goes fast and they are sooo right. I’m so excited to marry Chris in 135 days (!!!) and so happy with how everything is coming together. I decided to make this Wedding Wednesday more of a diary entry / update on how things are going, so… here’s the deets!

Chris and I just got back from a fun day trip to Nashville. We went there to pick out my bridesmaid dresses from Bella Bridesmaids with two of my bridesmaids, Sam & Hunter! Next week I will be sharing my full experience with them, but if you want a sneak peak head to my InstaStories! I really wanted a dusty sage green dress for the bridesmaid dresses and am so excited that we found the perfect color!! So, I get to check bridesmaid dresses off my to-do list. Hallalujah!! If you want a little help choosing your colors, WeddingWire has a “color palette generator” that helps you find the perfect wedding palette based off of the season you are getting married and your primary color choice! So cool 😍 

Getting a wedding planner was the best decision EVER and has made this time so stress free and easy. I’ve mentioned this before, but hiring a wedding planner is a must in my opinion! Within a month we had found my dress, booked our venue, DJ, florist, caterer, photographer, videographer, bartenders, and pretty much everything needed to throw the party! Oh and we finally nailed down a wedding hashtag (I think hahaha), which will be #OfCoatesIDo ! If you are struggling to come up with a hashtag like I was, WeddingWire has a really cool hashtag generator that spits out tons of ideas! Anyways, I know that planning a wedding can be super stressful, but having a wedding planner seriously saves the day (and your engagement season). 

As of now, all we have left to do is order Chris and his Groomsmen’s suits (we are thinking we will go through Men’s Warehouse!), work on our Wedding Invitations, get my wedding shoes, and do some other little things! It is so nice that all the big things are taken care of. 🙌🏼 Plus we can enjoy the time leading up to our wedding day a little more and not worry about much!

I have truly enjoyed this time so much and I am so thankful to have all your support along the way! You guys have seriously been the best and I have loved involving you all in the process so far!! Your advice, opinions, and words of encouragement mean so much to me. 

So that’s the update for you all! Time really is flying by, I feel like we just got engaged last month. I seriously cannot wait for the big day and to be surrounded by so many special people in my life. I’m also thinking about having one of bridesmaids go live on my account during the getting ready part of my wedding!! What are y’alls thoughts?! Let me know! 

Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday! XO Heather

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