April 25, 2018 / Fashion

Wedding Wednesday: All The Details On My Bridesmaid Dresses!

Y’all. I am in LOVE with my bridesmaid dresses. Seriously though, I could not be more happy with what we chose and I am sooo excited to see it all come together on September 1st!! When I envisioned what I wanted my bridesmaids wearing, I knew I wanted them to look effortless, Pinterest worthy, and ideally in a sage green color! But, I had no idea how difficult it would be to find that color! I spent a lot of time online searching for the perfect shade, one that wasn’t too minty or too blue, and I was on the edge on giving up and changing the color when one of my Bridesmaids, Hunter, saved the day and told me I had to check out Bella Bridesmaids Nashville! Hunter had gotten her bridesmaid dresses from there and had nothing but great things to say about them, so I decided to make an appointment and see if we could find what I was looking for! 

Sure enough, Bella Bridesmaids had the PERFECT shade of green. There were actually several different shades of sage to choose from, all from various designers, but when I saw the Jenny Yoo “sea glass” color I fell in love. Not to mention the dresses themselves are stunning! 

I also knew that I wanted a mixture of styles, so I loved that the sea glass color came in a bunch of different Jenny Yoo dress styles! Originally I thought that I would simply do various necklines of a chiffon material, but the Bella stylist actually suggested mixing in a couple tulle dresses as well and I loved that idea! So, we decided to have 5 different styles of dresses, 3 of those being chiffon and 2 being tulle! I have 8 bridesmaids total, so 3 of the dress styles will be doubled up! 

Another thing I wanted to mention is that my bridesmaids are spread across 5 different states! And I know that I’m not the only future bride in this situation. These days most bridal parties are spread all across the country! I love that Bella brings you all together both through an in-store and the Bella virtual showroom experience. With 52 showrooms across the country, your bridesmaids have the opportunity to visit their local showroom for a complimentary fitting and complete their order with your bridal party on your personal virtual showroom. A couple of my Seattle bridesmaids actually FaceTimed me when they visited Bella Bridesmaids Seattle to get fitted for their dresses and it was so much fun! Even though we were thousands of miles apart, I loved getting to still share the experience with them. In the online showroom, your girls are able to vote for their favorite dresses, chat amongst themselves, and then order their dresses. Seriously, the process of choosing and ordering your dresses is such a breeze! 

Shopping with Bella not only provides you an amazing in store shopping experience, but they give both you and your bridesmaids a superb level of customer service through the entire ordering process. Their owners and stylists work directly with designers and your bridesmaids on your behalf to ensure the ordering process is seamless.  

As I mentioned above, there are sooo many different options for dresses at Bella, so you are almost guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Having a Bella stylist guide you through all of the options is super helpful because there really are a lot of them! Bella’s designers all offer different fabrics, colors, styles, and price points. This is what I think makes Bella the best place to find your perfect look! The dresses are made to order so they take a few months to be made in the combo you choose. It is usually easiest to start shopping for bridesmaid dresses after you find your bridal gown so the two have a coordinated aesthetic. So give yourself around 6 months before the big day to find your bridesmaid dresses, which leaves more time for finding the perfect accessories or any alterations. 

As of right now, our dresses are ordered and we are just waiting for them to come in!! The Jenny Yoo styles we chose are: Annabelle, Aria, Inesse, Alanna, and Mila. It’s such an exciting feeling to check that major task off my list and I still can’t get over how easy it was! I for sure thought I was going to be super stressed out trying to decide between dresses and colors, but I could not be more happy that I chose to go through Bella Bridesmaids. If you’re on the hunt for your perfect Bridesmaid dresses, do yourself a favor and check them out – you’ll thank me after! If any of y’all have questions that I didn’t answer in this post, definitely reach out to me and I will do my best to answer them! XO Heather