April 07, 2018 / Beauty

My Current Self Tan Routine

With summer right around the corner, that means it’s almost time to start breaking out dresses, shorts, tanks, and bikinis! What this also means is that, odds are, you’re probably wishing you had that end-of-summer tan. Well, I’m here to help you ladies out and share how I fake it till I make it, all thanks to my self tanners! Back in high school I was super silly and laid in tanning beds (sooo awful for you!), but now I refuse to lay in them and have had to figure out a way to get that sought after tan skin, without the harmful UV rays. I always had this impression that self tanners turned girls into Cheetos, so I always avoided them! Well, turns out you just need to buy the good stuff and apply it properly! Oh! And these self tanners don’t make you stink either which is a huge plus. 

Now for the important stuff! Read on to learn about my current self tan routine! ☀️

Step 1: Pick up tanning mousse from Ulta or Sephora! I went into more detail about my two favorites below. For my face, I use the Coola Gradual Tan Face Serum and really love it! Make sure to pick up an applicator mitt also so you don’t end up with orange hands – ain’t nobody got time for that. 

What I like about the St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse (white bottle) – It’s great if you want to build up to a specific color or don’t want to be dramatically darker right away! This can be used throughout the week, as much as you want, to achieve your desired color. 

What I like about the St. Tropez Express Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse (blue bottle) – This one is great if you’re in a time crunch and need to be tan right away! I use this one before events or photoshoots. You can also control your level of tan with this one by delaying your shower after the application. 1 hour = light, sun kissed glow. 2 hours = medium, golden tan. 3 hours = deeper, bronze tan. Personally, this one is my favorite out of the two! 

Step 2: Hop in the shower, shave, and exfoliate your body 24 hours before use! This is my favorite body exfoliant. If you’re in a hurry, exfoliating before application won’t hurt, it’s just not ideal. I typically exfoliate the night before and then apply the mousse in the morning. When you’re all dried off, lightly apply lotion to the bottoms of your feet, your ankles, between your toes and fingers, on your elbows and knees, and on the palms of your hands. Basically hit all the dry areas! This will help everything blend and look natural. 

Step 3: Using your mitt, apply the tanning mousse in long, sweeping motions. I always start with my legs and work my way up! Make sure not to do your face though. Once you have covered your entire body, wait for your body to dry before putting on clothes. Follow the instructions on the bottle to know when you should shower. 

* Make sure to moisturize daily to extend the life of your tan! Also, reapply as needed. 

Step 4: Time for your face! I recently started using this Coola face serum and love it. It doesn’t make your face stinky, nor does it make a girl break out, and it actually works! I love that you can apply the serum directly to your face for a darker tan, or you can add a couple drops to your moisturizer daily for a gradual tan. I add mine to my moisturizer every morning! 

And wah-laa! You’re now a sun-kissed (self tan kissed?), goddess. Well, you will be once you follow these steps! Below you will find all the products I mentioned above plus my cute and comfy pajammies! Even better – they’re on sale right now! Hope y’all enjoyed this post! Now let’s all think good, happy vibes and hope for warm weather ☀️ XO Heather

Photos x Sara Miller