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What I Love (& Don’t Love) About My Compact SUV

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I recently purchased the 2019 BMW X3 and after countless requests, I’m going to be doing a car review for y’all!

Back in April, my car at the time was on it’s last leg and started having all sorts of trouble. Chris and I knew it was time for me to get a new car, so we began hunting! I knew I wanted an SUV, but a small one. I also wanted it to still feel sporty! I had a checklist of all my “must haves” when looking for a compact SUV and did endless amounts of research before pulling the trigger on the car I have now!

After making a list of my top three cars, Chris and I headed to the various local dealerships in Knoxville to test drive them and check them out in person. Our first stop was Grayson BMW and we were instantly blown away by their customer service. Who can agree that the worst part of car shopping is dealing with the typical car salesmen?? Chris and I love to go to dealerships on Sundays just to check out inventory for this very reason, because the dealerships are closed and we can just browse in peace! So when we walked into Grayson BMW, we were already prepared for a big car salesman pitch, but to our pleasant surprise, we never got one! The staff at Grayson were so incredibly nice and we never once got the care salesman pitch. It was amazing and so refreshing.

Matt Schroller, who we ended up working with, approached us in the Grayson BMW lot just let us know he was there for any questions and if we wanted to check out the inside of a car, to just let him know! That was it. From there Chris and I just roamed around the lot until we came across the X3’s and wanted to take one for a spin.

To get to the point, we fell in love with the X3 right off the bat. From it’s quick acceleration, beautiful interior, and overall size, we were obsessed. It checked off every single thing on our list, plus more! And honestly, I think Chris was more in love with the car than I was at the time! When we returned to the dealership, we told Matt that we wanted to sleep on it and just weigh the pro’s and con’s of getting the X3.

Well, as you guys already know, we headed to Grayson BMW the next morning! If you are in the Knoxville area, I could not recommend Grayson BMW enough to you all. The customer service was absolutely outstanding and they were so accommodating. Purchasing/Leasing a car at Grayson also comes with tons of benefits, so if you are on the hunt for a car, I would definitely at least add Grayson BMW to your list of stops! They have also been so so generous that they are offering my followers special savings on their own BMW if you mention my name and work with Matt Schroller! Matt’s awesome and will definitely take care of ya! If you are car hunting in Knoxville and having any questions at all, please message me! I would be happy to answer them (:

Okay so let’s fast forward to now! I have had my car for about 4 months and overall, I love it and am so happy we chose the X3! Below I will list out what I specifically love about my car, and the things I’m not too crazy about.

What I Love about the BMW X3

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  • The sporty body style– The X3 got a complete redesign in 2018, so if you are considering buying the X3 and like the body style I have, only the 2018 and 2019 models look like this!
  • Heads Up Display – This may be my favorite feature of my car. With heads up display, the MPH and other things display on my windshield (only the driver can see it), so your head is always “up” while driving!
  • Frontal-collision Warning – this displays on the heads up display as well. If a car is breaking in front of you quickly and the car senses a possible front collision, it will warn you on the heads up display and also has automatic emergency breaking.
  • The interior – I love love love the interior of my car. The dash is laid out so well and I love colors.
  • Wireless charging feature – It’s so nice not having to use a cord to charge my phone!
  • The quick acceleration – I love that this car doesn’t lag when trying to accelerate quickly
  • The overall size of the X3 – The size is absolutely perfect. It’s a pretty small SUV, but you have so much leg room, even in the back seat. Basically, while it’s small it doesn’t actually feel that small.
  • The BMW App – This is a super nice perk of the BMW’s! I am able to unlock my car through the app, track it’s location, turn on my car, plus more!
  • You can open the truck with your foot! I never thought I would actually use the hands-free trunk opening feature but I use it alllll the time! I don’t even remember the last time I used my hands to open the trunk.
  • The location of the cup holders. This is really random but also a huge deal haha! The cup holders are located perfectly. On another car we test drove, the cup holders were way to far forward!
  • The navigation screen – I love this! It has Apple Car Play which I’m obsessed with. Apple Car Play does use cellular data though, so keep this in mind! We didn’t realize this at first…. oops!
  • The trunk space – super roomy!
  • The turn radius and brakes – you can turn really sharp and it has excellent brakes.
  • TheiDrive Control Knob– another favorite feature that comes standard in most BMW’s .

What I Don’t Love about the BMW X3

  • Okay this is kinda hard to explain, but right in front of the cup holders is where the wireless charger platform is located. I wish this whole area was a little bigger because there isn’t a whole lot of room to put your things. So, if you are charging your phone there, there isn’t anywhere to put extra things. I’ve just gotten used to putting random stuff in my center console that I would have normally put up front, in front of the cupholders! It honestly reduces clutter which is nice, so it’s not that big of a deal but I thought I would mention it!
  • The doors are heavy and sometimes close on you. If you don’t open your door all the way when getting in or out, it’ll swing back in towards you. This doesn’t bother me at all because I’ve gotten used to opening it all the way, but just something that I wanted to touch on!
  • The really light beige seats. I personally absolutely love the color of my interior and am happy with it, but if you have kids or anticipate that your interior will get dirty, I would get a different color! The interior is so light that it will show dirt and marks really easily.

So that sum’s it up! Overall, I would highly recommend this car if you’re looking for a compact SUV and comparing it to others in it’s class! I will link a Kelly Blue Book review here, that goes into more detail about the X3 if you wanna do more research! If y’all have any questions that I didn’t cover, definitely reach out! I would love to help answer them (: xx Heather

photos x Erika Bentley