June 15, 2018 / Family

16 Things No One Tells You About Living With Your Significant Other


Thank you Greetabl for sponsoring this post! All opinions and thoughts are my own of course (: 

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A while ago, I shared a post about How To Survive Living With Your Significant Other, but I thought it would be fun to share what no one tells you about what life is REALLY like living with them! If you’re already living with your S.O., I’m sure you can relate! If you’re about to move in together, here’s what you can expect! 

1. Compromising is key.

Wanna watch a chick flick or the Bachelor? Back rubs and foot massages are a great negotiation tool. 

2. Guys – there will be hair EVERYWHERE. 

And no, not from your pets. Your socks, clothes, drain, bathroom floor… there’s no escape. 

3. Your life will get a whole lot easier the sooner you get comfortable going to the bathroom near each other. 

It’s a part of life. You don’t have to be in the same room with each other or leave the door open, but waiting for them to leave the house is going to get old, real fast. 

4. Sharing closet space is the ultimate struggle and a constant game of shoving your S.O.’s clothes onto “their half”. 

Guys, prepare to move over. Or find another closet. 

5. When your gal asks if what she is wearing is cute, SAY YES.

It’ll avoid a total breakdown, her saying she hates all her clothes, and 2 more hours of outfit changes.

6. Speaking of outfit changes, girls take 10x longer than guys to get ready. 

And girls, you’ll be envious of how quick your man can get ready. 

7. You will begin to match outfits. 

And you won’t plan on it.  

8. Snoozing your alarm 20 times is not okay anymore. 

And your S.O. will not be too thrilled with you if you do.  

9. You will learn EVERYTHING about them. 

Weird, gross habits? Check. Odd food requests? Check. Pet peeves? Check. 

10. Guys fart. A lot. 

And burp. And make weird noises. Luckily, you’ll begin to tune it out after a while. 

11. You will have TV shows you watch together, and separately.

Watching episodes of your favorite show without each other is forbidden.   

12. His side of the bed, her side of the sink, his side of the closet… 

These will all be things determined in the beginning of moving in with each other and likely will not change. 

13. Girl’s nights and Guy’s nights will coordinate. 

Wanting a wine night with your girlfriends? Make sure to send him off for a video game night with the guys. 

14. If they get sick, you’re in it together.

No amount of AirBorne can save you. If he’s sick, you’re gettin’ it too. 

15. The shower will be filled with 3 different body washes, 4 shampoos, deep conditioner, multiple face washes, and several body scrubs. 

YES. She needs them all. And yes, you will constantly be knocking them over. 

16. It’s like having a sleepover EVERY. NIGHT.

Literally. And it’s the best thing ever.