June 25, 2018 / Lifestyle

Poppie Presets!


You guys!! I am sooo beyond excited to finally share my presets with you! I have been working on these since the beginning of the year, tweaking and perfecting them for you all and can’t express how excited I am to see you guys use these on your own photos! These are the exact presets I use on my own photos every day. The Poppie Presets pack comes with 5 different Lightroom Presets (Fresh, Blue, Natural, Pink and Crisp!) and is meant for Lightroom Desktop. Here’s a quick description of each preset:

Fresh: My favorite of all the presets! This is the preset I use most on my feed. It creates a bright, white, warm, and peachy vibe to your photos! 

Blue: Perfect for indoor photos! It cancels out yellow tones and is what I use most for my indoor pictures.

Natural: This is another favorite of mine. If you want your colors to be more natural, but still have a brightness to them, this will be your favorite! This preset creates a slightly blue vibe to your photos as well.

Pink: The name explains it all! This preset creates a very pink, warm look to your images. 

Crisp: This gives a more muted, cooler feel to your images!

These presets are compatible with RAW files and Jpeg files. You can use one consistently on your feed, or all five! They are meant to blend together and look cohesive when used together on an Instagram feed. I personally use all 5 presets on my Instagram and blog photos! Below you will find some before and afters so you can see how each preset works! (: 

Thank you all so much for your love and support! I can’t wait to see your beautiful photos using my presets! Make sure to hashtag #poppiepresets so I can see your pictures and possibly share your images!! (with your permission of course!)

Love you guys! XO Heather

Before_After FRESH-2.png

Before_After BLUE.png

Before_After NATURAL.png

Before_After PINK.png

Before_After CRISP.png