September 20, 2018 / Family

Our Honeymoon – All The Details!




I can’t believe this is my first blog post as a married lady!! Our wedding was an absolute dream – I am still on cloud 9 from it! I will definitely be sharing tons of wedding details with you all in upcoming posts, but wanted to talk about our honeymoon since I have received so many questions!

Chris and I chose to honeymoon at the Excellence Playa Mujeres and we absolutely loved it! It is a stunning adults only, all inclusive resort located outside of Cancun on the ocean. We actually had a couple friends tell us about this resort because they had stayed there in the past which is what helped us decide to go there! Plus we were able to get a direct flight out of Charlotte to Cancun which was a huge bonus. Below I will share some common questions I received as well as what we did during our trip, any tips I have to share, plus more!

Common Questions I Received About Excellence Playa Mujeres


Q: I have heard some bad things about Cancun, did you feel safe during your stay?

A: I honestly was really nervous about our trip here because of everything we had read in the news, but we decided to go anyways and honestly felt so so safe during our stay! I liked that the resort was located about 35 minutes outside of Cancun and was more secluded. The resort is also extremely secure – never once did I feel unsafe.

Q: How did you get to and from the Airport?

A: We reserved a private car to and from Excellence Playa Mujeres (EPM) and booked it directly through our resort. We felt completely safe this way and our driver was extremely nice. I would recommend booking transportation through your resort/hotel ahead of time – I think this is the safest option!


Q: Is the beach nice?

A: The beach was extremely nice! It was flat, not on a big slant like in Cabo, and the sand was like powder. I will say though that there is quite a bit of seaweed in the water unfortunately so you can’t swim out really far without getting into it. There are also no big waves, so if you are wanting that, this isn’t the place for you. The waters are more peaceful – perfect for a relaxing honeymoon!

Q: Is booking a room in the Excellence Club worth the extra money?

A: In my opinion, yes! We stayed in the Excellence Club and as honeymooners, we received a ton of extra perks like a beach side dinner, massages, a champagne breakfast, and more! The spa is incredible by the way! Our room also had a rooftop to it with a jacuzzi which we loved.

Q: How was the food at EPM?!

A: SO GOOD. We seriously did not have a single bad meal during our stay. And the food wasn’t just “good”. It was incredible. Like I haven’t stopped thinking about it. 😍 Our top three favorite restaurants were Spice (you will definitely want to make hibachi reservations!!), French, and Lobster House!

Q: Is EPM a good place for a group trip with friends? Or more for couples?

A: I would say it is more of a couples / romantic destination resort but if you are going with a group of friends it would still be really fun! Almost everyone there was celebrating their anniversary or honeymoon, so it has more of a laid back, romantic vibe to it but there were a few groups of friends that seemed to be having a lot of fun! If you are wanting to go down town and to clubs, I would recommend a different resort as this one is a little ways outside of Cancun.

Q: I’m going there soon! Anything I should know beforehand?

A: We didn’t know this until we arrived, but the guys have to wear a collared shirt and pants (not jeans) during dinner at the restaurants! Needless to say, Chris was rotating between the same two collared shirts the whole trip lol. Girls just need to wear a dress or nice outfit for dinner. There is also a party one night where everyone wears all white, so I would plan for that!

The Excursions We Did



We chose to do two excursions! The first was a catamaran ride that included snorkeling and swimming with dolphins. This was so much fun and we were so happy we did it! It has been a dream of mine to swim with dolphins so I was absolutely in love. The catamaran was also a bunch of fun. During snorkeling we saw statues, lots of fish, and other things underwater which was really cool!

The second excursion was a trip to Tulum! We had originally wanted to see Chichen Itza (one of the 7 world wonders) but it was 3 hours away, so we chose Tulum which is 2 hours away. Tulum is an old Mayan city nestled right on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. This was a super interesting and fun experience! If you are interested in the Mayan culture or history at all, I would add one of the Mayan excursions to your list!

Overall, we absolutely loved our stay at Excellence Playa Mujeres. It is the perfect resort for honeymoonin’ and we are so happy we chose to go there! If you have any questions I didn’t answer about our trip, please let me know! I would love to answer them (: Later on this week I will be posting a blog that shares the links and details to all the outfits I wore during our trip, so keep an eye out for that!

xx Heather