June 27, 2019 / Travel

My Honest Caribbean Princess Review

I’ve had several of you all request a review on my experience onboard the Caribbean Princess, so I wanted to go more in depth about my trip and thoughts on Princess! As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I had the opportunity to partner with Princess and cruise the Caribbean earlier this year. It was actually my first time ever being on a cruise ship!

Caribbean Princess_March 2019_Ocean Medallion Packaging 4.jpg

Caribbean Princess_March 2019_Ocean Medallion Paying for Drinks.jpg

The first thing that stood out to me about the Caribbean Princess was their MedallionClass and Ocean Medallion technology. Honestly, this was such a convenient, cool, and unique feature! I loved that I was able to order our Ocean Medallion through the OceanReady app prior to our trip (it’s free!) and have it sent straight to my house. The Ocean Medallion each passenger receives has tons of information stored within it, including their passport info, which makes the embarkation process a breeze the day you board the ship. I kid you not, we were through the entire embarkation process within 10 minutes and were on our ship sipping on a mojito in no time.

Caribbean Princess_March 2019_Ocean Medallion_French Key_Roatan.jpg

I also love that you are able to pay for your food, drinks, and anything else on the ship by simply scanning your Ocean Medallion. Speaking of food, the restaurants were super good and there were so many options! I didn’t have a bad experience at any of them. The medallion also acts as your room key and payment method, so you don’t need to carry around money or a room key while roaming around the ship.

Another thing I loved about the Caribbean Princess was all of their apps they created. My favorite one is the OceanNow app! It’s basically Uber Eats and the most convenient thing ever. You can order food and drinks from anywhere on the ship and have them delivered right to your location. They have tons over other apps with fun features, but this was my favorite.

Caribbean Princess_March 2019_Upper Deck _At Sea 3.jpg

Now let’s talk activities! The Caribbean Princess had tons and tons of activities on board for all ages, as well as a beautiful spa and fitness center. For pools, I do wish they had a bigger one, but they do have several medium sized and smaller pools spread throughout the ship. We spent most of our time in the Sanctuary (pictured below), which was a really peaceful part of the ship. If you are ever on the Caribbean Princess, definitely check it out! Oh and their nightly shows were INCREDIBLE. Their performers were so talented, so you will for sure want to make sure you see a couple during your cruise.

Caribbean Princess_March 2019_The Sanctuary _At Sea 2.jpg

Now lets talk about the rooms! We had a balcony stateroom and I was actually pretty surprised by the size! My mom had warned me that cruise ship rooms are super tiny, so I went it expecting an itty bitty room but ours had two twin beds (that were incredibly comfortable), a desk, some room for walking, a good sized balcony, and a pretty large closet. The bathroom itself wasn’t too small but I thought the shower was pretty tiny. Overall though, I was really pleased by the size!

Caribbean Princess_March 2019_Roatan Port.jpg

As far as excursions go, there were so many to choose from! We stopped at 4 ports and did an excursion at each one, which I recommend! Just check how long the excursions take and decide how long you want to spend on an excursion, and how long you want to spend exploring on your own. We did the shorter excursions so we could explore each stop on our own which I loved.

Caribbean Princess_March 2019 _Roatan Honduras.jpg

All in all, I absolutely loved my first ever cruise experience. The ship was incredibly clean and I could tell they really prioritized this. The staff was super friendly, the Ocean Medallion technology spread throughout the ship made everything feel very up-to-date, and we had such a fun week cruising the Caribbean with Princess.

I hope this review was helpful for any of you looking to book a cruise! If you have any questions at all, definitely reach out as I would love to help answer them! (:

xx Heather