March 19, 2020 / Home

Tips To Boost Productivity At Home

Have a Morning Routine You Stick To

Creating a routine for yourself boosts productivity and helps you get the day started on the right foot. When I get up in the morning I open the curtains first thing to let all of that amazing natural light in. I even do a few stretches. Then I go wash my face, eat a healthy breakfast, and change out of my PJ’s. Taking 20 min to do all of this in the morning helps me feel energized and ready for my day.

Create Your Own Space

Don’t work from your bed! As tempting as it may be, working from your bed actually makes it harder for you to sleep at night because your body is associating that space with work and not relaxation. So whether it’s your kitchen table, an office room in your home, or even your couch, make that space your own. Turn on relaxing music, diffuse essential oils, and decorate it! This space helps you get creative so make it your own.

Eliminate Distractions

This one is the tough one. Eliminate distractions! I know how tempting it can be to click and open a new browser and do a little online shopping instead of working, but this is where you have to be strict. Time batch out your time by setting a timer for 20 min and work straight through and then reward yourself with a little 5 min break! Also, put your phone down and stay off social media! Move your phone away from your work area so you aren’t tempted and keep the tv off so you aren’t distracted by shows. This way you’ll finish what you need to get done a lot quicker and have more tv and phone time!

Schedule and Prioritize

When I’m about to tackle my day, I make a list of everything that needs to get done and prioritize it in order of importance. I, of course, start with the most important thing and work my way down. If I run out of time in my day, the least important things move over to my list for the next day and so on and so on. This helps give me an organized clear picture of what i’ve done and what needs to get done so I feel calm and in control of my time.

Step Outside

If it’s a pretty day, take some time to get some fresh air. This boosts your mood, resets your mind, and increases focus. I love to step outside barefoot and feel the ground beneath my feet. These exercises are called grounding and it’s proven to calm your mood!

Take a Break

Be sure to give yourself a lunch break! If you were working in an office setting you’d get a designated break, so do the same for yourself at home. Take 30min to an hour out of your day to eat your lunch. Make a yummy healthy lunch and don’t be anywhere near your work space! Let yourself recharge so you can go back and finish the rest of your tasks.