May 05, 2020 / Home

My Top 15 Amazon Kitchen Buys

I was just sipping on my morning coffee and caught myself looking around my kitchen, adding up all of my favorite things that I had found on Amazon and thought to myself, “how have I never shared a list of all my favorite amazon kitchen purchases yet??”. Well, that’s exactly what sparked the idea for this blog post! Today, I wanted to compile a list of all my top 15 amazon purchases for you to easily shop. (: Below you will find cool gadgets that make life sooo much easier, some appliances, and other random finds that I have loved!

Clip-On Strainer: this silicone strainer snaps on almost any pot and allows you to strain your pasta or food without the hassle of transferring it to a separate strainer, and then back into your pot.

Avocado Slicer: If you find yourself eating lots of avocados, you need this in your life!

Soda Stream: Chris and I are obsessed with our soda stream. It carbonates your water and makes drinking plain water so much more enjoyable! We love to sip on ours with either a lime squeezed in or with a splash of cranberry Mio!

Slim Can Insulator: If you love sipping on White Claws in the summer, but hate how quickly they go from ice cold to luke-warm, order yourself a couple of these insulated can holders asap! They come in tons of fun colors and keep your drink ice cold ‘til the last sip.

Ground Meat Chopper: when it comes to cooking ground meats, this tool makes chopping up that hamburger meat so much quicker! It’s a recent buy and one I wish I would have purchased a long time ago.

Ice-Cream Scoop: Calling all ice-cream lovers! You need this. No more struggling to scoop out rock solid ice cream – this scoops it so easily! Plus it’s dishwasher safe.

Coffee & Espresso Machine: If you follow me on instagram, you already know I am absolutely obsessed with this machine. It makes the most delicious lattes, plus it can make iced coffee!

Clear Coffee Mugs: I get compliments on these all the time! I love that I can see the different layers/colors in my home-made lattes. They say they are dishwasher safe but we hand wash ours, just a heads up!

Bamboo Drawer Organizers: these help keep our drawers so organized!! I have incorporated these in practically every drawer in our kitchen and love them.

Wine Vacuum Stoppers: these are perfect for any wine lovers! The stopper help seal up that half-drank bottle of wine and keeps it nice and fresh for the next time you have a glass.

Food Storage Containers: I love these specific ones because they are so easy to open, yet still seal really tightly! We use them to store our baking ingredients, cereals, pastas, and more.

Grease Splatter Screen: I have had this for a couple years now and love it! No more little burns from grease splattering! Plus, it keeps your stove top so much more clean by preventing the grease from splattering all around your pan.

Electric Wine Opener: My electric wine opener has been a game changer! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to open wine with a manual wine opener and either couldn’t pull the cork out or broke it all together.

Silicone Baking Mats: These mats replaced the use of tin foil and baking spray. They’re dishwasher safe and makes clean up so easy and the food just slides right off!

Instant Pot: I’m sure you guys have all heard the hype behind these and I’m here to confirm they’re amazing. This is a must have in my kitchen.