May 14, 2020 / Beauty

My Self-Tanning Routine

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to break out that self-tanner! I’ve been using Loving Tan for my body and Isle of Paradise drops for my face for sooo long and find that this combination is the BEST for a deep, just got back from vacation, glow. The Loving Tan gives you a tan in as little as 2 hours and the Isle of Paradise drops on my face adds the perfect amount of color and so easy to apply. Below, I’ve listed out my exact self-tan routine so we can all rock a golden glow this summer!


For best results, I do the pre-application the night before!

Exfoliate – While in the shower, I exfoliate my whole body with a body polish. The coconut oil in the polish moisturizes while it exfoliates so it’s the perfect combo to prep my skin.

Shave – I grab my favorite Billie Razor off of it’s cute magnetic shower holder and shave after exfoliation. Avoid exfoliating after shaving because this could increase razor bumps!

Moisturize – After I shower, I pat my body dry and lather it up with this moisturizer. I do a pretty thick layer so that my skin is super smooth when I get up in the morning. PS it smells amazing!!


Body –

The next morning, I start on my body first with the Loving Tan. I use a mitt and start on my shins/calves and work my way up in sections. Make sure when you’re applying that it’s going on smoothly in circular motions. I use about 2-3 pumps per section of my body. Next, I use any excess product left on the mitt and rub it on my feet, knees, and hands. When I’ve covered my whole body, I wipe off the palms of my hands with a damp towel. If you want to see a step-by-step tutorial, check out my “Tanning” highlight on my instagram!

Face –

For facial tanning, I mix about 2-3 drops of the Isle of Paradise tanning drops in with my moisturizer and apply. Make sure to blend the mixture evenly over your face to ensure an even tan! I use the shade dark.


The Loving tan takes about 2 hrs to process but I like to leave it on for closer to 3 hours to make sure it gets its maximum darkness. Make sure you wear loose clothing and avoid water and sweating for the full processing time. This will ensure that your tan doesn’t streak or get spotty while it processes. After it fully processes, hop in the shower and rinse off the product gently. Do not use soap as it will remove your color. When you’re done rinsing, pat dry with soft towel and make sure you don’t rub or scrub it off. And then you’re good to go! (:


Q: How do I extend the life of my tan?

A: Moisturize frequently! Keeping the skin hydrated will help you prolong your tan.

Q: Do the tanning products you use smell?

A: Not really! Though the scents and results vary based on different body PH, I personally think they don’t have a super strong “self-tanner” scent. If scent is a concern I recommend using a yummy smelling moisturizer like this one to mask any smell once you have applied, processed, and rinsed off your self tanner.

Q: Do you exfoliate your tan off before you reapply?

A: Yes! When my tan starts to wear off and it’s time to reapply I begin at step one again and exfoliate the night before.