August 02, 2021 / Beauty

My Pregnancy Essentials

64oz water bottle – It’s so important to be drinking lots of water while pregnant, so I have loved this giant one because it helps keep me on track! It has cute motivational sayings on it too which I love.

Prenatal vitamins – I started taking the Ritual prenatal about 2 months before we started TTC and continued to take Ritual up until around week 7 of pregnancy. Unfortunately, my nausea got so bad that I wasn’t able to take any form of a pill without throwing up, so I found Prenatal gummy’s that I was able to get down! They have incredible reviews and were recommended by my doctor, which made me feel confident taking them. I took these gummy’s up until my nausea went away, then switched back to my Ritual pills. Main reason for switching back is because I had almost a full bottle of the Ritual prenatal’s so I wanted to use those up! I also plan to take the Ritual Post-Natal vitamins after baby boy makes his arrivals!

Pregnancy Pillow – this one came recommended by several friends and so far I have enjoyed it! I love that shape and it has made sleeping on my side much more comfortable.

Comfy leggings – I have tried several different brands on leggings since becoming pregnant and these are without a doubt my favorites!! I have lived in them. So soft & stretchy + non-maternity! I’m was in my pre-pregnancy size up until about my third trimester, then sized up one and have been wearing those since!

Bump oil – from the moment I found out I was pregnant, I started applying this oil! I love that it doesn’t leave my skin super greasy and I can tell it’s keeping my skin super nourished. I have continued to use all throughout my pregnancy!