A Look Inside My New Branding

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New month, new branding! I am so excited to finally share my new branding with you all! I have been working with Erika of Evolve Creative Studio over the past few months to create a fresh, branded look that really encompassed my blog and reflected myself in every little detail.

When working with her, I knew I wanted my rebrand to be timeless, unique, minimal, and simple, yet also be able to grow and evolve with me throughout the years. I have so many goals and future project ideas, so I really wanted to make sure this rebrand could come along with me for the long haul!

Erika is so talented at helping put a vision down into a cohesive, branded look and I could not be more in love with how everything turned out!!

I also really wanted to finally have branded templates to use on my instagram stories, for whenever I share new products that I’m loving with you all or just a new blog post! Erika created a variety of on-brand templates for me to use and I have already received so many compliments on how professional and eye-catching these are!

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If you are looking to rebrand completely, or just need to help in specific areas, Erika does such a great job and really takes the time to see your vision and make sure everything is a perfect reflection of you and your message. She designed my logo, watermark, brand colors and various elements, Instagram Story templates, and so much more! I have a huge obsession with my watermark 😍

I’ve also got some good news for you! Erika has been so kind to offer each of my readers 20% off of a branding package that includes a brand new, personally designed logo PLUS personal instagram story templates that reflect your brand. All you have to do is mention my name to get the discount! 💕 You can check out Erika’s website at evolvecreativestudio.net !

Below you will find various examples and templates from my rebrand! I was given the design files of these, so I am able to swap out the images or text anytime I want to depending on what I am using it for!

I am so so excited and proud of how my branding has come together - I hope you all love it just as much as I do! And thank you Erika for making this all come to life! If any of you have questions on branding or anything else related to this post, please message me or comment below! I would love to answer them. Until next time! xx Heather

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