December 30, 2019 / Fashion

Victoria Emerson Sale!

Happy Monday friends!! Who else is shopping the New Years sales going on right now? There are so many good ones 😍 My absolute favorite wrap bracelets from Victoria Emerson are buy one, get one free today! If you’re unfamiliar with Victoria Emerson bracelets, they have tons of beautiful different styles, my favorite being their Boho Cuffs. The Boho Cuffs make it look like you’re wearing a ton of layered bracelets, but they’re actually all connected by a single magnetic clasp making it super easy to put them on and take them off. The bracelet seen in these photos is their Gold Attica bracelet, which is currently sold out but they are constantly restocking it, so keep an eye out if you want that one! (: I also love the Almería (super similar to the Attica) and the Maribo.

I also love Victoria Emerson’s classic wrap bracelets – the Crystal on White-Ivory Leather one is my favorite! I love how neutral it is because it pairs with so many outfits. I went ahead and rounded up my favorite pieces below if you’re wanting to shop the sale!

I hope you all are enjoying the last couple days of 2019!! xx Heather

photos x summer simmons