June 07, 2020 / Fashion & Beauty

What’s In My Lake Bag!

Happy Sunday! As many of you probably know, my happy place is the lake! We’re actually about to head back out right now to spend the day with some friends. (: Since we go so often, I’ve pretty much mastered what to pack in my lake bag and wanted to share that with you all! From my favorite sunscreens to my go-to snack, I’ve got you covered for your next trip to the lake or beach! Keep reading below for everything I pack up in my bag! xx Heather


First things first, SNACKS. I can’t go out to the lake without some kind of food to hold me over for the day. (I get hangry REAL QUICK when I’m hungry 😅) I always take a bag of this popcorn with me for a light snack. It’s gluten-free, vegan friendly, and sooo delicious.

BruMate Can Cooler

Okay this is one of my FAVORITE things. How many times have you had a 12 oz drink like a white claw or one of the slim canned La Croix’s and it won’t fit in a normal koozie?? Well not anymore! Ever since I got my brumate, it keeps my drinks cold all day long and fits perfectly around my drink. Not to mention, it comes in so many cute colors. I have the aqua one!

Baseball Hat

I always have a ball cap or some kind of hat in my bag. Not only does it protect my head & face from the sun, but it keeps me nice and cool so I don’t burn up all day! This one is one of my favorites because it matches almost everything and I love the denim wash color. It’s adjustable, super flexible, and comes in a ton of different colors if you don’t prefer the denim wash like I do!


Sunscreen is a must! As I mentioned in my recent post about Summer Beauty Must Haves, I wear sunscreen everyday but especially in the summer time. I’m always switching up which ones I use. My favorites right now are the Tula Sunscreen or the new First Aid Beauty SPF for my face, depending on whether I want tinted or not. The First Aid Beauty SPF has a sheer tint so it’s great for all skin tones. For my body, I am using Supergoop! PLAY Body Mousse. It’s super lightweight, goes on so easily, and smells delicious.

Wave Spray

I love love love using a wave spray in my hair, especially when i’ve been swimming. I’ll spray it before I go and then keep spraying it throughout the day to add texture and body. I’ve been using this one because I love the scent and how weightless my hair feels after. It doesn’t leave your hair crunchy like so many others I’ve tried!


My go-to pair of sunglasses are these Quay’s. They’re super sleek and offer good sun protection when it’s a super sunny day. I also never have a problem with them staying on my face or slipping off! For the quality of these sunglasses, they have a great price point so I don’t worry too much about losing them at the lake! That hasn’t happened yet though, so fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx myself 😂

Lip Balm

Keeping your lips hydrated is a must! Chapped, dry lips is never fun so I always make sure I have some type of lip balm that has an SPF in it to keep my lips moisturized and protected. I love this one because it has a hint of natural color and is so creamy. I’ve never had a problem with this one melting in my bag like so many others either!

Beach Towels

Obviously a beach towel is a necessity! Whether you’re just going to lay out or you’re hopping in to swim, you’ve got to have a cute towel in your bag. I’m loving these new one’s from Anthropologie. They’re super lightweight and machine washable so when i’m done with it, I can just toss it in the wash. Plus, all of the designs are sooo fun!


I use these hair ties all of the time but they’re awesome for the lake! They have a strong grip but they won’t rip your hair out and they don’t snap in half or stretch like a regular hair tie does when it’s wet. They also come in a ton of cute colors!


This Kindle Oasis is perfect for light reading at the lake. It doesn’t have a glare when you’re reading in the sun, just like a real book and the battery life lasts soooo long so I never worry about it dying. This kindle is even waterproof, which is a great feature!

Lake Bag

Last but not least, all of this stuff has to fit in the perfect bag. This bag is my favorite because it can also turn into a backpack, so it makes it super easy to carry. It even has cute little straps on the outside to hold towels and is really durable and light weight.